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Success for Food and Environmental Allergies

"I started looking for alternative medicine because I've been suffering from food and environmental allergies for the past three years. My allergy symptoms are now minimal and not as severe as used to be. My overall health is much better and my mood has certainly changed regardly my food allergies. I do not suffer any side effects from acupuncture or the herbs that I take. I feel great!" 



Success for Skin Issue

"I'm glad to be able to see you via introduction from someone.

Due to skin problem for several months I have been seeing several doctors including the famous Johns Hopkins Medical School staff and have used their prescribed medications. I was not satifised with the progress of the condition until I saw you recently. Since I saw you I have received a quick recovery from this condition when using your treatment s.  I greatly appreciate your assitance. I also observed your clinical treatment based on your experience and knowledge of the East-West Medicines with a good bedside  manner. I am introducing you to people I know and hope that the many patients that your are treating will be liberated from their illness as well in the coming months."


Success for Seizures, Headache, Low Back Pain, Foot Fungus

"I'm writing this letter to let you know how grateful I am to you for the Medical Care I receive from your clinic.

Several years ago, I started suffering with seizures, headache, foot fungus low back pain which radiated dwon my right leg. It was so painful that I had to retire from my job.

It's benn 18 months since I've been seeing Dr.Lee. My low back pain is minimal, the pain in my right leg is gone, no more seizures, headaches or foot fungus. All are healed. And you Dr.Lee have given me back my health. Thanks to you you Dr.Lee I can sit, walk 5 miles every day with no problem. I also know that mind had a lot to do with your healing if you believeyou can be healed you can. All you have to do is believe.Once again thank you for being so caring. "

                                                                                                                                                            ---Joslyn M

Success for Nasal Problem, Shoulder Pain

"My husband had a left shoulder preoblem recently. One of my church members had recommended Dr. Young  Lee, because of his sister's experience in which she had back pproblems and was completely cured.

I never believe in traditional herbal medicine and acupuncture until just recently. We went to see Dr. Lee. He evaluated my husband's problem and started acupuncture treatments. I was sitting on the chair by his side watching the procedure. I thought the doctor knew what he was doing. I started going to the doctor about my throat problem that I had for over 20 years(a constant sore throat and nasal problem). I was constantly taking antibiotics, I just let it go and it really got aggravating. 

Dr.Lee told me if someone had a burnt hand, that they would probably have to surgery for scar tissue and nerve damage. After his examination he recommended trying herbs and I agree to. I took his herbs for 10 days later, my drainage stopped and my sore throat went away. After I finished herbs another 10 days later, my symptoms were completely gone. 

I had a follow up with Dr.Lee one month later and he asked me what percent I felt better and I said it was 100 percent better. Dr.Lee said I made his day. He was truly happy.  My husband shoulder problem was completely gone and he wsas able to move his arm freely with no pain. Because of our cure, my husband and I truely Thank  Dr. Lee  for helping us. "

                                                                                                                                                              ----Schilling S.

Success for Fatigue, Depression

"Dr. Ma, Thank you for being my doctor. Your acupuncture treatment help me to be able to Function. Thank you so much for guiding me in my health treatment and for rebuilding my blood so I would be able to live. Thank you so much how hard you work trying to improve my kidney function and spleen function. I pray that God will bless you and your work to help more people. "

                                                                                                                                                                 ----Lucille  A.

Success for Emotional Health, Energy, Digestive System

"Dear Dr.Ma, I do pray this finds you well. Dr.Ma, as with Dr.Lee, I also wanted to say Thank You for all the kindness and warmth you have brought to my life and all those who come to this clinic. You have a beautiful light! And I pray that God can forever to bless your journey! I think you will help many people. It has been a blessing getting to know you! And I will pray for your journey to be filled with the priceless gifts of Love, Peace, Joy, Strength, Wisdom with gratitude.  "


Success for Professional Care, Well Being

"My Dear Dr. Masha, Thank you for being highly professional, very attentive and most compassionate doctor. As years are passing by, I appreciate your service more and more. You deserve all the happiness of the world.  Many thanks for your care.  "



Success for Healing Kidney, Saving Life

"Dr. Lee, Thank you for all the great treatments you gave me to heal my kidney, and for all you taught me about my health.  For the first time in my life I have hope that I will one day feel normal. Thank you for giving me a great deal of my life back. Thanks for the life saving herbs you brought from Korea and prepared for me. They are really helping me nurish my blood and support my energy.  You save my life."

                                                                                                                                                                  ----Lucille A.

Success for Taking Care of Women Pregancy

" Dear Dr.Ma Sha and Dr. Lee, Thank you so much for your care and treatment in my journey to pregnancy. With your help, my greatest dream of becoming a mother have come true. You have been a blessing in my life and I cannot thank you enough. May you continue to successfully bless other patients like me. "  

Success for Pain Managment, Severe Headaches and Wrist Pain

Dear Dr. Lee and Dr. Ma Sha, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the medical care you have provided to me. In the past two years, I had been looking for a place that can provide the care and comfort for pain management. You have provided that and more. When I came to your clinic, I was suffering from horrible headaches and issues with my left wrist.  The western medicine have not done anything for me. After many MRIS and head scans the Drs. Came back to tell me that nothing was wrong and that if I continue suffering from the headaches to take medicine for pain. I don’t like to take pills so I seek for alternative treatment and both of you have done that.I have to say that in the last four to five months my headaches have disappear and the pain on wrist is minimal. I know that your mind has a lot to do with your healing so, believing is healing.Once again Dr. Lee and Dr. Ma Sha, thank you! 

                                                                                                                                                                      ------Luis A.  

피부병에 탁월한 효과를 보았습니다

동서한의원 이용원 원장님,
아는 분의 소개로 원장님을 뵙게된 것을 뜻 깊게 생각합니다. 그 동안 피부질환으로 여러 의사와 명성있는 죤스 합킨스 대학병원의 처방약으로도 별로 치료개선에 만족을 못느끼다가, 최근 원장님의 조제약 처방으로 빠른 시기에 효과를 보게됨을 글로써 감사를 표합니다.또 한의원/환자간의 자상하고, 친절한 대화와 동서의학의 경험과 연구토대로 임상 진단 및 치료에 기여함을 관철하였습니다. 제 자신도 친분있는 분들에게 원장님을 소개하겠습니다. 또한 여러 환자들이 질환으로부터 해방되기를 기원하겠습니다. 


                                                                                                                                                                     ------앤디 장 

Recovery from stroke

Thank you very much for your treatment that played the vital role in my quick recovery from stroke. I am writing this letter for the patients who might be in a similar situation as mine.

I had a stroke about a year ago. The left part of my body became paralyzed. Even after treatment and rehabilitation in a hospital for three months, I could barely go to a bathroom with the aid of a hemi-walker and my assistant.

A friend of mine recommended me to Dr. Lee. At first, I was hesitant, because I did not have a strong belief in oriental treatment. However, surprisingly enough, two weeks after the first acupuncture by Dr. Lee, I was able to open my fingers. And after another two weeks, I could control my toes as well.

Now, I started my office work on a regular schedule. Last month, I could travel to Korea and California for about two months. I could climb up and down the hills and steep staircases in the subway. At this speed, I expect that I will be able to play dance by the end of this year.

Without and hesitation, I recommend Dr. Lee's acupuncture and treatment very strongly to those who might go through similar difficult situations as I had. Best Regards,                            ----- Paek

이용원 박사님,

제가 중풍을 맞은지가 벌써 일년이 되었습니다. 작년에 갑자기 왼쪽 팔다리가 마비되어 꼼짝을 할 수 없는 지경이 되었습니다. 석 달 동안 병원과 재활치료원에서 치료를 받았으나 별 성과가 없었고 화장실도 혼자 갈 수 없었습니다. 지인의 소개로 동서한의원을 처음 찾을 때도 반신반의, 기대 없이 지푸라기라도 잡아보자는 생각이었습니다. 

그러나 한 달도 못되어 놀라운 기적이 일어났지요. 2주 후에 심한 통증이 가시고, 꿈쩍도 않던 손가락이 움직이기 시작했고, 한 달도 안되어 발가락을 오무렸다 폈다 하게 되었으며, 작년 부터는 다시 직장에 복귀하여 정상적인 업무를 시작하게 되었답니다. 또 지난 4월에는 두 달 동안 한국에도 가서 복잡하고 험한 층계를 오르내리며 고국 관관광을 즐겼고, 곧바로 캘리포니아에 가서 아들 결혼식도 잘 해낼 수 있었습니다. 이 속도로 계속되면 금년안에 하던 무용을 다시 할 수도 있다는 기대에 차 있습니다. 이 모든 것이 이 박사님의 탁월하신 한의술과 환자를 돌보는 자상하심 덕분이라고 믿습니다. 그래서 비슷한 처지에 있는 사람들에게 강력하게 이박사님을 찾아가라고 권유한답니다. 다시한 번 깊이 감사드립니다.            ----- 백

Dear Dr. Lee and Dr. Masha

 I can't thank you enough for tour expert amazing acupuncture treatment in this year.

 They have helped me so so much. My energy level is so much better and my shoulder is completely healed!

 Thank you both so very very much.

 May you both have a beautiful Christmas and may 2019 be a wonderful year for you.                ----- Anna

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